Our approach

Our approach is built upon ‘Truth Well Told’, a commitment and creative philosophy that dates back to 1912 when McCann was founded.

It’s an acknowledgment that insights must be at the core of everything that we do. And it’s an approach that ensures our communication remains authentic, relevant, and inspiring over time.

Our approach

Our capabilities

Find the Truth

Uncovering data and insights to understand the unmet needs and opportunities that can inspire strategic and creative direction and influence decision-making.

  • Market research
  • Search and social analysis
  • Competitor communication analysis
  • Behavioural mapping
  • Patient journey mapping

Articulate the Truth

Using insights to craft stories, messages and campaigns that define purpose, set direction, build culture and shape brand preference and perception.

  • Value propositions and stories
  • Core story development
  • Concept development

Deliver the Truth

Unleashing the power of creativity to deliver brand experiences that make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

  • Communication planning
  • Channel planning
  • Inbound marketing
  • Campaign toolbox development
  • Nordic adaptation
  • Patient education and support
  • External events
  • Internal events and training

Measure the Truth

In-market assessment of brand performance to measure and track the effectiveness and success of brand experience activities.

  • Web and social analytics
  • Market research and evaluation
  • Communication optimisation

Nordic market adaptation

We’ve completed LIF regulatory training covering the Nordics and we understand the nuances between these markets. We have in-house Danish medical writers and partner with native Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish writers as well.

Our client partners

Our Network

McCann Health Nordic is part of McCann family, united across more than 100 countries by a common mission: helping brands play a meaningful role in people’s lives.