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Strategic Events and Workshops

strategic events and workshops



On a basic level, strategic events should educate, excite and engage participants. But they should also be seen as an opportunity to strengthen the individual, empower a business unit and align cross functional organisations around core business objectives. They require considerable investment and focus, so ambitions should be high.

We have three guiding principles when designing strategic events and workshops:

  • Never lose sight of the objective – no matter how much fun participants have, they will always rate the event based on relevance and value
  • The event doesn’t end with the outro film. Keep participants on track by using the already produced content for post-event mission reminders
  • Workshops should be so intuitive and simple that participants can easily repeat them back home

When producing expensive elements, like films and training workshops, we recommend against big concepts and themes that limit usage. Strategic events and the workshops that support them result in a lot of high quality content, and that content should still be valid long after the event itself.

You can also minimise repeatable costs while maximising repeatable value by working with a graphic design-focused concept that could be repeated for the same event over multiple years. Participants typically only attend once a year, so they won’t get bored. On the contrary, they will likely applaud it, along with management, as a responsible use of budget.


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