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Sales and Marketing Excellence

Sales and Marketing Excellence



Never underestimate how much can be achieved by just being better than the competition. Nowhere is this truer than at the front line of sales and marketing, where poor quality of execution can bring great strategy to its knees.

Sales and marketing excellence is about performance; it’s about raising the minimal standards while adding new capabilities that are core to modern business. It’s about minimising repeatable costs while maximising business impact.

McCann Health Nordic supports global commercial excellence functions and local teams driving commercial initiatives in the areas of:

  • Sales and marketing training – development and deployment of dedicated training programs to raise skill levels of employees
  • Internal branding and marketing of commercial excellence initiatives to drive interest, engagement and uptake
  • Competency mapping – defining core skills to future success
  • Stakeholder management – driving the commercial excellence agenda upwards towards management for advocacy and downwards towards the organisation for urgency and interest

While there are obvious HR benefits, Sales and Marketing Excellence is about more than recruitment and retention. It’s about commercial edge, because we can no longer win in the lab alone. We also need to win at the frontlines of sales and marketing with superior delivery and execution.


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