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Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle management




At McCann Health Nordic we believe that lifecycle management represents the purest form of marketing. It’s live strategy with in-play tactics. It’s head-to-head. It’s a continual refinement of best practices and a creative exploration of new ones. The right lifecycle management will utilise the product’s full potential to maximise sales, and extend product value beyond patent expiry, culminating in a steady sunset of the product.

Here are three things we think are essential to successful lifecycle management:


  • Avoid bloated tool boxes – invest in solving problems with the right materials more than in creating materials for new sales cycles
  • Bring a relentless focus to strategy. If you have a start strategy be explicit about why your product is the best for patients to start on
  • Fight for improved patient experience, commit to disease management, and engage in adherence/retention – no matter how difficult it might be

Our approach to lifecycle management is simple. It’s not always about creating new materials; sometimes it is about learning to work better with the materials we have. There are three primary relationships that lifecycle management is targeting: affiliate marketers & sales reps, sales reps & HCPs and HCPs & patients. Our job is to make the interactions between each of them as rich as possible.


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