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Global Product Launches



Global product launches are critical events for any healthcare company. Their impact on share price can lift or deflate an entire organisation, and so demand huge internal focus and responsibility. Success is not a result of chance or even experience. Successful global product launches are the result of stringent planning and execution across functions and continents.

At McCann Health Nordic we work with a tested launch process that ensures the correct insights lead to a campaign that resonates with targeted stakeholders, and a flexible toolbox that is co-created, embraced and rolled out by key markets.

Our 8 Critical Success Factors for a Global Product Launch delivers:

  • A clearly defined, easy-to-follow process that keeps the launch on strategy, on time and on budget
  • A flexible launch platform and campaign that transfers insight into a value-based call-to-action targeting specific changes in HCP and patient behaviour
  • An aligned, highly motivated, cross-functional global launch team, where each individual knows their role and value all the way to launch and beyond

Our 8 Critical Success Factors for a Global Product Launch has been designed to minimise risk and uncertainty, while maximising local impact and global results.


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