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Digital Platforms

Engagement for engagements sake has a very low ROI. But when digital delivers messages and information in a powerful, tailored way, it has the potential to change prescriber and treatment habits.

Here are three areas where digital is driving change in healthcare



  • Interactive segmentation questions upfront instantly tailor the detail aid so that the core story entry points are aligned to individual HCP needs
  • Animated visualisations of data or modes of action turn static data into goal-oriented stories that visualise progress towards better outcomes
digital platforms

Non-personal selling

  • Don’t waste it on blackouts. Self-directed eDetailing and vDetailing deliver strong results that generate qualified leads for future face-to-face sales calls
  • A great product portal optimised for mobile is essential, but so is capturing and directing traffic with targeted drivers and on-going SEO optimisation


Disease Management Apps

  • Avoid feature-bloated platforms that do everything for everybody. Instead, involve the patient and identify the everyday challenges they face and solve them
  • There’s no such thing as a finished app, so plan for several releases. Work smart, test fast, fix and release. User feedback is in real time. Refinement is continuous

Understand the change you want to make, lock onto it and involve all target groups in development and testing. Ultimately, engagement for engagements sake has a very low ROI.


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