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Core Story Development

Core Story Development

When core stories start with safety and efficacy data, we are condemning reps to opening their sales call with the same conversation as nearly every other product for that disease area. As a result, the conversations and go-to messages are tired from decades of use. Sure, we might be lowering x by 0.5% more than our competitor, but HCPs are not excited about incremental innovation. Going forward, we need to get much closer to why the product is important for HCPs and patients, before we can interest anybody in data or features.

We work with the following formula to help keep us on the value track.

core story development
We build the story from left to right, starting with data and ending with value. But when we communicate externally we must start with the value and why it’s important to the HCP or patient. There will be a point when data becomes the most important part of the conversation, but it is rarely before the customer has bought into the value. In all likelihood, either through poignant questions or targeted objections, the HCP will determine the right moment to tap into data. Once a core story is in place, lead by value, it needs to be wrapped in context. Unravelling complexity and contextualising science is at the core of how we develop key message banks and campaigns. It’s how we ensure the communication is real; it’s how we resonate and connect with doctors, nurses and patients.


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